Description of the painting by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio "Fruit Basket"

Description of the painting by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio

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In the XVI century, such a genre of art of painting as a still life was considered simple, not worthy of the attention of real masters of art. The Italian Caravaggio was not in agreement with the views of his contemporaries. He wrote a still life in its purest form - "A picture with fruits." This was his early work, done in 1596. Later, in other canvases, the artist includes a still life in extensive compositions and plots.

"Fruit Pattern" - a still life without impurities. Nothing distracts the viewer's eyes from the contemplation of multi-colored clusters of grapes, fruits of fig tree, peach, apple and a couple of pears. A solid sand-colored neutral background and a thin strip of wooden table serve as an excellent stage and support for the theatrical composition of fruits. With the naked eye it is noticeable how much attention the painter paid to writing out the details: masterfully woven baskets of grapevine on the canvas of the rod.

The realism of the image deserves special admiration. The fruits are picked and placed in a basket along with the leaves, while the leaves and fruits are not retouched, there are traces of light wilting on them, and black dredging from eating by insects.

The skillfully depicted volumetric elements of the still life, the natural ratio of light and shadow, even closer to the viewer. One of the branches with grape leaves is written beyond the boundaries of the picture. It seems that if you lend a hand, you will take your favorite ripe fruit - Caravaggio does so naturally, without falsehood.

Still life can be considered as a philosophical vision of life and death: on the canvas, some of the leaves are still green, while others are dehydrated and almost dead. Nature turned out to be supportive of the painter, allowing him to create such a valuable work of art.

Drama, truthfulness, originality - these are the epithets for Caravaggio's undoubtedly masterpiece.

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