Description of the painting by Rembrandt Harmenszoon Van Rijn “Saul and David”

Description of the painting by Rembrandt Harmenszoon Van Rijn “Saul and David”

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Of particular value in the cultural and historical heritage are the works of artists on rare topics and plots. One such scene is an image of characters from the Bible of Saul and David.

The Dutch painter Rembrandt performed two canvases with these heroes: the first in 1630, the next in the period from 1655 to 1660. The same meaning is laid in both paintings, but one can trace how noticeably the mastery of performance has grown over an almost 30-year period of artistic Rembrandt’s career. For a long time there was debate about the authorship of the second picture, but experts, as a result of lengthy investigations, were able to prove the ownership of the canvas.

To better understand and more clearly feel the picture, you need to delve into historical facts. In the Old Testament book, Saul is listed as the first king of the kingdom of Israel. David is the second anointed prophet to rule. But before coming to power, David was at the court of Saul a skilled warrior and musician. It was during this period that the painter depicted on the canvas takes place.

Saul was not distinguished by humility and love of God, therefore he was often tormented by gloomy thoughts and a bad mood. Healing the king’s melancholy was only capable of playing the soul of a musical instrument. Saul was a famous harp master; he eased the burden of the soul of his ruler.

In addition to a direct description of the Old Testament plot, the artist pays attention to the issue of social inequality. A man dressed in power is shown high-seated, large, and the attendant musician plays on his knees, his figure is not even completely placed in the composition, it is cut off for a significant part.

Saul holds the spear, thinking again about the murder of young David. The king anticipates his departure and the triumph of David, not wanting it and envious, he falls into confusion.

Rembrandt was able to masterfully convey the hidden thoughts and desires reigning in the depths of the souls of the characters.

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