Description of the monument to Alexander Suvorov in Moscow

Description of the monument to Alexander Suvorov in Moscow

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Monument A. The monument was erected to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the commander. The author of the sculpture is the outstanding sculptor O. Komov.

The sculptor managed to choose the most realistic image of the commander and immortalize him in the monument. Suvorov's portrait turned out to be the most accurate. Moreover, the plastic sculpture most accurately conveys the features of the commander’s temperament. And contemporaries claimed that he was of medium height, often with a menacing look. He was cruel to others, but at the same time compassionate. In all actions, Suvorov did not tolerate slowness.

Suvorov's figure - with classical proportions, harmonious, perfectly assembled. It seems that already an elderly field marshal impatiently taps his foot, listening to another report or waiting for some news.

The commander is dressed in a long cloak. Holding a telescope in his hand, he is moderately energetic. The monument is deprived of excessive officiality, but it is also far from secularism.

Suvorov on this monument has a lively, fresh face. The sculptor made sure that it was open and maximally addressed to the visitor. The face has a somewhat ironic expression, facilitated by a slight tilt.

A place has been very well chosen for this monument - namely, Suvorovskaya Street. The monument is located in front of the theater of the Russian army. Also nearby are Armed Forces Cultural Center. Such an “environment” was not accidental for the monument, given the significance of the figure of Suvorov in military affairs.

The monument is an independent sculptural and architectural unit. Together with the adjacent buildings and the park, which houses unique ancient weapons, it forms a unique cultural ensemble of the capital.

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