Description of the painting by Alexander Deinek “Defense of Sevastopol”

Description of the painting by Alexander Deinek “Defense of Sevastopol”

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The historical canvas "Defense of Sevastopol" A.A. Deineka created during the war years (Moscow, 1942). Today this masterpiece of art is kept in the St. Petersburg Russian Museum.

The subsoil for painting was photographs of the ruins of Sevastopol seen by the artist. Deineka collected materials about the hero city for a long time, made many sketches and sketches, bearing his plan - to show the spectator tragic events.

In fact, Deineka became the author of a monumental epic work of art that summarizes the heroism of the Great Patriotic War. On the canvas, he captured the heroism of the Marine Corps, a soldier that during the defense of Sevastopol gave their lives.

A heavy battle is whetted on the embankment. Sailors of the Soviet army cut the way for enemy troops. In the background it is shown how buildings collapse, everything around is blazing with fire. The author brings to the forefront a wounded sailor. In his hands is a bunch of grenades. Standing at full height, the sailor tries to leave her. The muscles of his face tensed, the soldier spread his legs wide and held his hands to the sides. Such a firm stance indicates the dedication of a warrior. He is ready for battle, even his intense breathing is felt.

To achieve the veracity of the depicted, the artist shifted the figure of the sailor a little to the left. Thus, it seems that the grenades are about to fly through the remaining space. Masterfully, the painter also approached the image of the impending German troops. Here he used a peculiar compositional technique, showing only sticking rifles. Superdynamics are given by people in motion in the background.

As for the color of the picture, it is built on contrast - the red sky and the white uniform of the sailors.

There are no time limitations in the picture. Examining it, the viewer involuntarily becomes a participant in what is happening.

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