Description of the painting by Boris Kustodiev "Bathing"

Description of the painting by Boris Kustodiev

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The amazing painting by Boris Kustodiev, the famous master of painting, “Bathing”, was painted in plywood in oil in 1912.

The wide color gamut of the picture and the color saturation perfectly show the painter's handwriting. A bright sunny day is truly "kustodievsky". The viewer sees the blue of the sky, the sparkle of water shimmering in the sun, a green slope with young birches. A bright yellow pool stands out against this background. And all these details emphasize the beauty of a warm summer day.

With great tenderness and delicacy, the author of the work prescribed the images of bathers. He does not detail the figures of women who bathe, but depicts female silhouettes a little blurry. He does this schematically, diverting the spectators' eyes from the very place of bathing, focusing on the beauty of the brightly colorful artsy nature.

And everyday life is flowing around: boatmen offer services for the transport of water by the smooth surface, near a sloping hill a loaded cart rises up. On the right you can see a church painted red on a hill.

The artist emphasized the festive summer mood of the swimmers with the image of the flag of Russia. The painter captured the tricolor in the picture twice. A canvas of white-blue-red color is visible on the bathhouse and on the side of a huge boat.

Women-bathers enjoy the warm sun, the smooth surface of the river, they are talking among themselves, obviously, about the most ordinary things, because measured life is flowing around and there is a graceful time.

The brightness of Kustodievsky colors overflows the soul of the contemplators with joy and delight.

To a certain extent, everything is too much on the canvas - too brightly colorful background of the picture, which almost leaves no airspace, too green trees, too relief waves, too much saturation.

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