Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin "Mordvin Oaks"

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin

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The amazingly poetic canvas by Ivan Shishkin “Mordvin Oaks” was created under Peter. Summer sunny days with the artist were occupied entirely. Like a worker at a machine tool, he came to these oaks and wrote out almost every leaf with special care.

Such detail was not characteristic of the artists of his period, but Ivan Shishkin already had his own style and, of course, his own predilections. Most of all, judging by the canvases, the artist loved oaks and pines. Both trees are powerful in their own way. Oak represents remarkable strength, and pine - an unprecedented become.

Two huge oaks, widely spreading their branches, are lit by a generous summer sun, judging by the yellowness of the tones, this is already in the afternoon, but still far from sunset. And what is surprising, this heat is felt almost physically from just looking at the picture. The impression is that a slight breeze will fly up, and the foliage will rustle on the giant trees.

According to a contemporary, Shishkin came to drink these oaks at exactly the same hour so that the light would fall on them the same, and at another time of the day he would write several more works at the same time. In the morning - a cornfield, in the evenings - a pond. This is the secret of the artist's fertility. He himself believed that inspiration would certainly come during the work itself, if you just get out by nature. And in the vicinity of Peterhof, nature provides rich soil for the painter. The main thing is to choose a point, feel the composition.

In this picture, behind the oaks you can see the yellow house with green shutters and a visor above the entrance. Windows are open in it - there is heat in the street. Behind the house - yellowed crowns, apparently from the heat. Only two mighty oaks hold on, their foliage is still green. Only in some places bare branches shine through.

In the shade of such a tree you can hide from the scorching rays of the sun. But how to guess: did the master work in the sunshine on the painting or was he hiding under the exact same oak? Most likely the second: the shadows at the very bottom of the picture indicate this.

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