Description of the painting by Pierre Auguste Renoir "Julie Manet with a cat"

Description of the painting by Pierre Auguste Renoir

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Julie Manet is famous for the French artist, who from childhood knew many famous portrait painters. Even at a young age, Pierre Auguste Renoir wanted to draw her.

The girl was a versatile child, she was fond of not only drawing, but also loved to dance and sing. The artist proposed to depict her in her arms with her beloved pet. Pierre had a special love for these animals, many of his works have a variety of cats.

The artist put the girl in a large armchair. She was wearing a white dress with expensive gold trim. A round little face detached turned slightly to the side. Her gaze does not look at the viewer, she seemed to think. But the cat has become a key object of the picture. It seems that the face of the animal blurred in a smile. The cat is clearly three-colored and very happy. She is very good at sitting in the arms of a young mistress. It is possible that at the time of posing she purrs a little in gratitude.

A pensive girl dropped her big eyes down. Her hair is piled in a ponytail, she gently grabbed her pet with thin hands. In the background, the viewer notices colorful wallpapers with a floral motif. The portrait turned out to be tender and attractive. A blush is visible on the cheeks, it is possible that the young beauty is a little embarrassed or tired.

Julie will appear in several works of this artist. She is always serene and attractive. She poses for many artists, her mother painted her daughter several times. Perhaps this influenced the choice of the future. She became a successful artist, whose work is known around the world.

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