Description of the painting by Georges Seurat "Bathing in Anyer"

Description of the painting by Georges Seurat

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The young artist preferred to create his creations not on ordinary canvas, but on wooden boards. He wrote sketches. In 1883, the artist finally decided on the big picture. So he sought to attract the attention of the Salon, which was to be held in the near future. The plot was a scene on the banks of the Seine river near Paris. Many impressionists preferred to portray precisely these places.

The picture was created for a whole year, but the jury of the Salon rejected it. But soon Sera and the same outcasts, like him, organize their own exhibition and Sera was able to present his creation to the public.

The painter was able to convey the special atmosphere of a warm summer day. Before us is a suburb of a big city with its bridges, huge buildings of stone and pipes of factories. At first it seems that this is an impressionist canvas. The colors are very bright, and the figure of the rower, which is on the right, is deliberately cut off by the frame. These features were peculiar to the creations of the impressionists.

But Sera carefully arranged the entire composition. Previously, many sketches were made, and each figure was worked out to the smallest detail. Part of the poses was borrowed by the painter from paintings by old artists.

Anyer is a suburb of Paris, which is located west of it. We see young workers enjoying a rest on the river. In the process of writing the canvas, Sera did not apply the special technique that he developed later. It was called pointillism. But then some parts of the picture were added.

The painter applied special points of colors of contrasting shades in order to create a curious effect of vibration. So on the boy's hat dots of two shades were added: blue and orange. The forms of the picture are as simple as possible. The figures are depicted in profile and resemble the reliefs of Ancient Egypt.

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