Description of the painting Alexey Savrasov "Waterfall"

Description of the painting Alexey Savrasov

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Shishkin, Levitan, Korovin, Savrasov ... Great names that sang the whole beauty of Russia and not only. Often these artists traveled to Europe or just around the Caucasus. The same Levitan with pleasure on his canvases depicted the mountain ranges of the Caucasus expanses.

Savrasov, apparently, also could not resist the temptation to depict something mountainous. And here it is - a landscape that in its magnificence is not inferior to any of his paintings or paintings of his colleagues. There is everything: mountain passes in the background, and eternal oaks on the banks of the waterfall. Waterfall is the main force of the nature of the mountains. And how exactly the artist managed to catch the play of the light of water and the sun.

The canvas is somewhere almost dark, but somewhere quite light. This is an amazing ability not to overdo it, to find a middle ground in the image of probably the most complex element in the picture - light and shadow. This filigree is amazing. But the most amazing thing on this canvas is the sensation of the noise of a waterfall. It seems that you hear his life, you hear his uniform and even monotonous sound. It is like a perpetual motion machine.

Savrasov is one of those great landscape painters who almost never forgot to draw details. Look at the stones, how they are clearly and at the same time not quite brightly drawn. In fact, they are the main characters of the canvas, because there would not be them, there would not be a waterfall itself. In front of us would just flow a funny mountain stream and nothing more ... But then a waterfall, with its power, with its history, with its life.

But it is worth returning to black and white design. It is made clearly compositionally, in the center of the canvas. This is the brightest light spot. Then it just made it possible to well shade the rest and show what is in the shade profitably. First of all - the banks of the waterfall, which are quite intensively filled with greenery. It is understandable, water and plants are interconnected.

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