Description of the painting Arkady Rylov “Sunset”

Description of the painting Arkady Rylov “Sunset”

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Arkady Rylov is a famous landscape painter and symbolist, a student of Stieglitz and Arkhip Kuindzhi. In many ways, such teachers predetermined his work.

The painting "Sunset" was painted in the revolutionary 1917 year. To some extent, this is also symbolism - the sunset of the old world. In Soviet times, when Arkady Rylov was called the founder and head of the Soviet landscape school, "Sunset" was considered an absolutely symbolic landscape. From this point of view, red tones mean “fire of revolution”.

A similar interpretation of the canvas can well be allowed. Rylov supported the revolution, later became an active supporter of the new government and one of the founders of Soviet art. Many see in the canvas "Sunset" certain life-affirming motifs.

The picture shows a traditional northern landscape. Twilight, a little stretched, in the north. A river, along the banks of which tall larch and pine trees have grown, the setting sun. The color scheme of the picture is somewhat unconventional. For the most part, it is black and red, or rather, crimson. Upon closer inspection, the viewer realizes that in fact the sky is turquoise, the water is blue, and the rest of the gamma is the result of the setting sun illuminating the clouds and clouds with the last rays.

Against the background of crimson red clouds - ink clouds and numerous conifers. A closer look reveals that the picture shows spring, new branches grow on the trees with still soft needles.

The viewer looks at the river from a high bank. The sun goes behind the trees that grow on the other side of the river, lower. From here - a bewitching view.

The picture is not among the most famous. On it you can evaluate the entire palette of colors that the artist used in his work. The canvas is stored in the Smolensk Museum of Art.

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