Description of the painting by Vincent Van Gogh “Flowering Almond Branches”

Description of the painting by Vincent Van Gogh “Flowering Almond Branches”

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Vincent Van Gogh is a Dutch artist with a very sad fate. During his short life, he managed everything and at the same time nothing. During his career, he could not earn the respect of colleagues, customers and remained unclaimed until the end of his days. But after the death of Van Gogh gained recognition and fame. He became famous throughout the world as an impressionist, although he repeatedly rejected this judgment.

Today he is one of the most recognizable artists, along with Pablo Picasso. Van Gogh turned out to be a very prolific author, after himself he left a huge creative legacy and many followers. The painting "Flowering Almond Branches" (Almond tree in bloom) was one of his last works. The artist painted it in the winter of 1890, after his brother Theo informed him of the birth of his nephew.

The picture is a symbol and carries a deep subtext. Almond branches bloom very early and, according to the author, they mark the beginning of a new life.

Van Gogh always used a colorful color scheme and a lively composition. This canvas is noteworthy because it is made in a manner unusual for the artist, and the color scheme is quite limited. The yellow color that characterizes Van Gogh is missing. The turquoise sky looks bright and carefree, not a single cloud overshadows this beautiful spring day.

Against a spectacular background, flowers, a harbinger of spring, warmth and joy of life. The compositional solution remains not entirely clear: this is part of a bouquet on a bright background or tree branches floating over an endless sky. The entire space of the painting is occupied by almonds, so expertly painted by Van Gogh.

The artist managed to maintain the rhythm of the canvas. The endurance, self-discipline and sharpness of the line peculiar only to Van Gogh are clearly visible. In his letter to his brother, Van Gogh said that this is his first work, which he is rightly proud of.

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