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The painting by the famous Russian artist Ivan Bilibin, who was one of the first to consider the problem of illustrations of children's literature. Today it is difficult to imagine a book without pictures. The best illustrations were drawn during the development of children's literature, but are still popular.

This picture is part of the cycle of fairy tales by A.S. Pushkin "The Tale of the Golden Cockerel." The style used by the author is graphic.

Many pedagogical institutes suggest using this style in working with children. You can clearly see how the complex plot composition is recreated with strokes, dashes and other simple figures. Each direction of the pen gives its character and color to the illustration.

Bilibin developed a whole system by which you can immediately recognize the work of his brush: patterned drawing, unusual motifs of Asia and Europe, decorative delights, a symbolic embodiment of the world, peculiar folk humor and much more. Each detail is worked out and unique, for example, the trees in the background have not only different colors, but also patterns.

The picture looks convex, despite the fact that it is located on a single plane. All the characters of the plot are vividly depicted:

Overseas princess - beautiful and confident, proud and arrogant. She gladly meets the king, although she destroyed his sons. Dressed in a red dress - the colors of war - offers not to keep evil at her, but to enter the tent.

The king, however, looks stunned by what he saw: from the maiden and the defeated army.

One of his hands is above the bodies of his sons, as if he wants to hug and hug them. The second is already reaching for the princess, unable to resist. The hunched figure, which expresses weakness and pain, tenses up, wanting to seem better than it is.

The army that stands behind the king grieves over his comrades and does not look at the king. Faithful devotion to the sovereign turns into a terrible tragedy.

Despite the huge number of multi-colored paints, the picture looks like a whole and preserves the plot.

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