Description of Ivan Aivazovsky’s painting “Moonlit Night on Capri”

Description of Ivan Aivazovsky’s painting “Moonlit Night on Capri”

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The painting of the famous Odessa artist Aivazovsky has long taken its place in the Tretyakov Gallery. During his life, he managed to visit all the major sea cities that fascinated him and were captured on canvas. To increase the level of skill, the artist traveled to Rome, Germany, Switzerland and other cities.

In each of them he met and inspected museums and galleries in search of a new perfect style.

The artist was known as a marine painter - his best works were devoted to the raging sea, which had the power to attract eyes, and made you feel the full power of natural phenomena. The calm surface was also sweet to Aivazovsky’s heart; there are more than dozens of paintings in which the water has a lyrical and calm brilliance.

On the canvas “Moonlit Night on Capri” a night view is depicted, where all the lines are smooth and delicate. The lunar path illuminates the night promenade of captains and sailors, creating coziness and casting memories of the earth, of the house, of relatives and friends. In the composition, the central figure is the whole space that fills with water and sky, ships and boats are just an addition to the romantic image. The whole picture is drawn with a flick of the wrist, there are no heavy lines. The clouds seem to float in the air, accelerated by the wind, which is not even traced, but visible with light features.

A dazzling moon breaks through them, which gently illuminates the sea surface, offering peace and silence to a tired sailor. Waves sway lightly.

All colors are harmoniously intertwined, without resonance. A feature of the picture can be considered its multi-plot.

Looking at it, you can come up with a lot of stories, how and why the ships were here. On a big schooner, lights play. Perhaps there is a celebration and fun in honor of the imminent arrival home. There are a lot of people on a small boat. Who are they: robbers or wrecked?

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