Description of the painting by Paul Cezanne “Still Life with Fruit”

Description of the painting by Paul Cezanne “Still Life with Fruit”

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Paul Cezanne was not only a skilled portrait painter, but also had a great command of the art of still life. In his picture, the fruits look fake like toys. The viewer sees how the apples are posing. What the vase is made of is also not known: glass or crystal. During the artist’s life, the goal of the paintings was to capture the process of changing nature.

The naturalness and reality of the described did not matter. That is why the landscape was chosen, which is transformed during the day.

Colors for their work were chosen pure and bright. Dark color was considered negative, overwhelming for people. The artist sought to convey the scientific side of things through art. It is the combination of the physical and the spiritual that should provoke the contemplator's interest in the world, considering it from different angles.

Cezanne set himself the task of recreating the world within the narrow framework of the canvas. In nature, all objects are living - stones, earth, water. All this lives and breathes. The same should happen with the plot in the picture. The movement of the strokes breathes life into the canvas. Such an unusual view of the realism of the world caused many aspiring artists to repeat a bold experiment.

The objects located in the picture seem to be of the same density, but this does not seem strange. Such a decision is logical and preserves the symbolism not of a dead nature, but of a living one. The composition and perspective of the still life allows you to view the canvas from different sides, having their own special approach.

The color scheme smoothly shifts from dark to light shades, giving the impression of a cyclical life, which blooms from the right, and is preparing to fade from the left. Only white flowers help reach for the light. Lively shades create a joyful mood and leave a pleasant impression of the picture. It is balanced and harmonious, given that the applied shades are difficult to use.

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