Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “In the Park”

Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “In the Park”

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Levitan, having absorbed all the best from Ostroukhov, Serov and Korovin and other friends, created his own style, which they began to call the style of the Russian landscape, and rightly began to consider it “Levitan”. Levitan was one of the most significant Russian and European landscape painters of the 19th century.

The sorrow and joy of that time were absorbed in his art, he embodied his creative searches in the lyrical images of Russian nature.
The works of Levitan were enthusiastically evaluated by contemporaries who considered his paintings - landscapes of mood, which are surprisingly true and reliable. Over the entire period of his creative activity, he created several thousand sketches and paintings, with the absolute certainty of his work, he can be called the standard in painting landscapes.
The native nature inspired this artist to create beautiful paintings. Isaac Levitan painted the picture “In the Park” in 1880.
At the top of the canvas is the sky. It is covered with airy white clouds, the sky is surprisingly beautiful, blue. Even summer reigns, walking around the park, you can imagine how in the distance you hear the evening ringing of church bells, which flies over the trees, the river.
In the central part of this exposition is a river, in the water of which trees are reflected. You look at her blue and gray shades, and imbued with the tranquility of this picture, her summer landscape conquers with its magical charm.
The main emphasis is on almost fallen birches, and pines that stand behind them and rise above them.

In any of his work, Isaac Ilyich Levitan managed to find an extraordinary depth of nature, which is intertwined with the foundations of the life of a Russian person.

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