Description of Vincent Van Gogh's painting “Portrait of Dr. Ray”

Description of Vincent Van Gogh's painting “Portrait of Dr. Ray”

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Van Gogh wrote "Portrait of Dr. Ray" after the following story:

In December 1888, when Gauguin went out for a walk, behind his back he heard a hasty step. He turned around, saw Van Gogh and ran, because as he later said that he saw a razor in his hand. It is not known what the artist wanted to tell him, but when the creator arrived home, in a fit of despair, he cut off his earlobe with a razor.

The artist was admitted to the hospital, he was in such a state of excitement that he could not behave normally, so he was placed in a ward for crazy people.

Although a large volume of blood ran out due to the artery that had been hurt, the wound was fearless. Dr. Ray was about to sew on the lobe, which was cut off, but was tightened with its delivery, so it was no longer possible to perform the operation.

Feeling gratitude to Dr. Ray, for his sympathy for the sick Van Gogh, the artist emphasized in his picture his compassion for his neighbor.

The gamut of colors in this work is very colorful and bright, so symbolically, as he usually did in the paintings, he expresses admiration for this doctor.

On most of his paintings, the artist depicted a digitalis flower (this plant helped him temporarily relieve stress, and thus he expressed his gratitude to him). Van Gogh had a yellow flower, and digitalis had a red hue.

And "Portrait of Dr. Ray" was painted by him in yellow-green tones.

But the character of the picture was of a bad opinion about the work of this artist, he did not like this work, and therefore it was first lying in the attic, and then they closed a hole in the barn.

The most striking thing was that over the years this doctor really began to look more and more like his own portrait. Today it can be seen if you visit the Museum of Fine Arts in the capital.

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