Description of the painting by Yuri Pimenov "Dispute"

Description of the painting by Yuri Pimenov

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The painting "Dispute" belongs to the brush of the Soviet artist Yuri Pimenov. In his works, the artist tried to reflect the reality of the present. The picture is extremely easy to read. At the same time, she is endowed with a certain charm and lyrical notes. The canvas was created in 1968.

The artist painted a pair of young people on the canvas. Presumably, the guy with the girl are in the dining room. Maybe even this is a lunch break. Pimenov more than accurately conveyed the image of the Soviet era to the canvas. The picture depicts the table and plates characteristic of this era, the simplest chairs and completely bare walls, which are painted with strange gray-colored paint. Tiles are laid on the floor. In a place with this, the atmosphere radiates immediate purity and light.

Based on the name of the picture, the depicted people are arguing about something. The viewer can only guess who they are. Perhaps these are schoolchildren or students who went into the dining room to chat and eat. They are wearing simple, non-defiant clothing.

At first glance, it is noticeable that the girl and the guy are intelligent, well-mannered. This is evidenced by their gestures, pierced by mutual respect. The young man is wearing a modest suit. And the girl is dressed in a brown skirt and the same jacket.

Visitors to the dining room are having a lively discussion. That's just on what topic, it remains only to suffer speculation. The guy is trying to convince the girl of something. Apparently he makes good arguments. She became thoughtful. It seems that the girl is about to agree with his opinion.

The artist depicted youth from the 60s on canvas. The relationship between a guy and a girl is not hostile, but rather friendly. They are both interested in the subject of the dispute. They have a common interest. This is noticeable in their poses and gestures. Although the face of a young man is not visible, it is noticeable how interested the girl is. They are united by their common cause.

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