Description of the painting by Salvador Dali "The Dark Game"

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali

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The great Spanish painter - surrealist, Salvador Dali, was born in Figueiros. After graduating from the Madrid Academy of Arts, he absorbed the teachings of Z. Freud and the work of the artist D. De Chirico, which influenced his formation as a talented artist of the twentieth century.

The painting received its specific name from the poet Paul Eluard.

The “Dark Game” surprises and at the same time, delights the imagination of the painter, who was able to saturate the canvas with a variety of fantastic creatures and figures. Slices of fiction and reality, pieces of biological tissue, which came from nightmare dreams, are intricately and inventively introduced into the consciousness. The characters closest to the most vital images can be understood as a hugging couple, but they are more afraid of the huge steps that lead to the abyss of unknown. Strange visions envelop consciousness, arising surreal. Nearby is a monstrous monument, and lions sculptures are placed at its foot on both sides.

In the central part of the picture, female hips with a complex composition in the form of an amoeba are fixed. An image of a bird's head is woven into it, an exaggerated silhouette of a woman with drooping eyelids and a gentle hand caressing the character's face.

Creepy visions in his revelation, inspired by perverted sexual motives, swirl over the character's head.

Obsessive fears, ideas, sophisticated desires of the artist himself are embodied on the canvas - and this is the most coveted theme of the picture.

At the end of this exalted design, the cycle of hats, stone-like forms, heads is recreated.

The image of the whole work, on the one hand repulsive, but also attracting attention, on the other hand.

The subject of such revelations can be traced to some of his crazy fantasy elements in his other paintings, and finds admiration among admirers of his talent.

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