Description of the painting by Konstantin Korovin “Winter”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Korovin “Winter”

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In his painting “Winter”, the artist Korovin expressed a sense of love for nature. Our gaze reveals the beauty of the winter landscape. In the middle of white snow stands an old log house, and because of the open gate you can see open doors. Apparently, the peasant was in a hurry somewhere that he did not even have time to close the doors. And now the horse is ready to move. And behind the house you can see fields with snow-white cover and royal forests. The harmonious combination of gray, blue and lilac shades gives integrity to the picture. The master of the brush gave the image of the Russian winter of sincerity and lyricism. It is believed that when painting, the artist was impressed by the amazing landscapes of the Russian painter Savrasov, who was his first teacher. The whole composition of “Winter” is very intimate, here everything focuses on the foreground of the picture, because everything that happens is closed on one side of the hut, and on the other - by the hedge.

A horse that is harnessed to a sled is a small speck in the center of the picture. And everything around us breathes the usual village life.

The artist does not introduce shades of lead into the light-silver palette of the landscape, so as not to overshadow the picture, but to convey the freshness of the air that portends spring. Her imminent arrival is evidenced by warm shades: dark pink things hung on the fence, yellowish sledges and a raspberry-colored horse collar. And if you look closely, you can see ocher shades. Korovin mixed them with silver tones in order to introduce a drop of heat into the winter picture and convey all the charm of the snow cover. These pastel colors with a relief brushstroke convey the true atmosphere of a real work of art. It should be emphasized that the painting "Winter" laid the foundation for the peasant cycle of such great artists as Valentin Serov and Mark Levitan.

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