Description of the painting by Nikolai Romadin "Forest Lake"

Description of the painting by Nikolai Romadin

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Nikolai Mikhailovich Romadin painted with a clear predominance of exclusively dark colors. The picture captures a dark lake in the middle of a forest. The visual depth of the lake was achieved by the artist, also thanks to the use of dark tones, which even gives him a certain mystery and virginity of the whole place. The lake is so clean that small spruces are reflected on its surface.

Around the lake, vegetative diversity is clearly visible in the form of: coniferous, green spruce trees, which are not very fluffy, you can even see a bush of red mountain ash and yellowing birches in the background. As for the spruce, they are here, as they say in the assortment.

You can see the spruce, which have a sufficiently large height and volume, and with them are thin and low. The darkness in this place also forms impassable dense forest, which can be seen in the background of the picture. Through this forest, there is no way to break through not a single ray of sunlight.

The picture has many shades, but the most prevailing color is green, namely dark green. Nature is captured in the autumn period and red and yellow colors speak of this. The whole palette of shades has a deep meaning, due to which the whole beauty of the lake in the forest is fully revealed, which not so many people have seen alive.

The picture does not fully reveal the whole mystery of the forest lake, since to fully appreciate and solve this mystery, you can only see it with your own eyes and be imbued with the fullness and depth of creativity with which this lake and its entire surrounding landscape were described.

The picture seems vibrant thanks to perfectly selected colors and shades that completely convey the true beauty of nature in its original form, thanks to this the realism of the picture is very high, which is understandable when painting in the landscape genre.

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