Description of the painting Pablo Picasso “Mother Picasso”

Description of the painting Pablo Picasso “Mother Picasso”

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The portrait of Picasso's mother was painted in a completely unusual manner for him. A vivid representative of cubism in painting, he painted a portrait of his mother gently, barely perceptible, missing him from his traditional style.

The picture is filled with love. The whole image of a woman just breathes warmth. It becomes clear - this is not just a woman on canvas, she is for the artist - the highest value, the greatest love. A portrait pierced with tenderness leaves only the warmest sensations in the soul.

The portrait shows a woman waist-high. Her face is depicted in profile. Picasso's features are caught in her appearance. The woman is overweight, she is many years old, but she looks beautiful. Her gaze is focused - most likely, her hands are busy with some kind of homework. There is no smile on her face, but this does not spoil the image: she does her job with love.

The woman's hair is dark, curly. Hair is collected up on the back of the head - so as not to interfere with business. It is clear that the woman is quite beautiful - there is not a drop of paint on her face, but I want to look at her endlessly. A straight nose, dark eyebrows and eyelashes - the eyes are down, but it seems that she has dark bright eyes.

Beautiful earrings are in the woman’s ears - they shimmer brightly in the picture, perhaps in her ears are diamonds. The lady has a light airy dress in white. In the rays of light, it casts pink.

The whole image of a woman is written gently and accurately. Not a single stroke in the picture is made deliberately or roughly - each line is an addition, without which the image would not have formed. There is nothing superfluous - everything is selected and folded perfectly.

It seems that the woman is breathing. Without blinking, look at the portrait - it will seem to you that the lady’s chest rises and falls, releasing air from the lungs: the portrait of Pablo Picasso’s mother is so realistic and warm.

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