Description of the painting by Konstantin Vasilyev "Mermaid"

Description of the painting by Konstantin Vasilyev

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In the picture of Konstantin Vasilyev, the mermaid is depicted in an unusual manner for the viewer. There is no hint of fabulousness or cartoon character image in the picture. The mermaid is written in the form of a pretty young girl who sits on the branches of a tree. I would like to recall the lines of Pushkin: "The mermaid is hanging on the branches ...". The girl’s face is calm. She does not look like the heroine of legends about evil mermaids, which are akin to witches luring young guys into deep waters.

The girl is sitting on the branches of a birch. It is worth noting that birch is a symbol of loneliness. Legends and fairy tales often say that it is the mermaids - the drowned women who decided to commit suicide from unhappy love, but even in this image they are doomed to loneliness.

The girl has very pale skin and blue eyes. Nothing unusual in her image is observed, except for a bright, screaming and deliberate beauty. The hair of the mermaid is very blond, long wavy and slightly tangled. You can’t understand that this is a mermaid - the appearance of a girl is so realistic. The legs of the beauty are hidden by a long skirt of a gray dress made of light fabric. It is impossible to see the legs there or the fish tail. The dress is dry - nothing betrays the heroine as a river inhabitant.

The girl’s eyes are sad. It is likely that she is sad about her difficult life, hard fate and loneliness. Any young girl most of all wants love, to experience this tremulous feeling. But the viewer understands: the mermaid, alas, cannot experience the happiness of love ...

In the background is a huge expanse of water. Water is like a mirror - smooth-smooth. But just such water hides the danger: it is deliberately calm. And come to her: the beautiful mermaids will be dragged to the very bottom. Not one drowned man will take this water.

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