Description of Alexander Popov's painting “Ice”

Description of Alexander Popov's painting “Ice”

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Alexander Popov has always sought to see something new in seemingly ordinary pictures of nature. He tried differently to read all that diverse beauty that exists in it. It is also important that he shared this unusual vision with all the spectators of his creations.

The tree in the foreground is clearly spelled out, and those in the background are in a haze. They are covered with fabulous hoarfrost and covered with snow. The viewer seems to be in a fairy tale, where everything is magical and unusual. But in fact, Petrov depicted the usual rural landscape. Everything is quite casual, but at the same time magical. This is the true skill of the painter.

In the painting “Ice” we see a frozen river, slightly powdery with fluffy snow. What color is it? Everyone is used to being white. But, if you look closely at the snow in winter, it is impossible to see a truly white hue. Here it combines so many shades of gray and blue, which is simply amazing. The dark yellow winter sun illuminates the whole sky with its bewitching light.

It is also reflected in the frozen river, like a kind of enchanting light that came from a fairy tale. With the apparent gloominess of the colors, it is he who warms the whole picture and illuminates it with a soft light. Contrary to the existing idea of ​​the absolute transparency of ice, in fact, in it, like in snow, many shades are always connected. It is dark gray, and bluish, and almost black. It is simply amazing how precisely the painter managed to notice this.

The artist managed to convey all the colors of winter nature. If we ignore that this is a picture, you get the feeling that we are faced with professional photography. All the details are spelled out so precisely. But at the same time, we feel the presence of Petrov himself. Not everyone is given the chance to see beauty in the ordinary, something new in the everyday.

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