Description of the painting “Hermit” by Mikhail Nesterov

Description of the painting “Hermit” by Mikhail Nesterov

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The name for the picture by the author was not chosen by chance. Hermit means a wanderer, a wanderer, a traveler, a hermit. The main character of the picture is a gray-haired man. He has long hair and a beard. He is dressed lightly enough, despite the fact that there is still some snow on the street. Mid-spring, the ice on the river has already melted. The smooth surface of the water is like a mirror in which a cloudy sky is reflected.

A man walks along the shore. In the sky - a dense cover of clouds. Winter does not dare to leave its possessions, here the sky, alas, is still prolonged. And a rare ray can break through their veil. Naked damp earth. Quiet, smooth surface, but completely uncomfortable. You can feel the coolness of that day. A cold wind blew from the river, light rain poured - the vicissitudes of the weather during this period were perceived as given.

But the old man does not care. He is well and pleased even in this setting. He goes and smiles; he does not care for this cold. His bast shoes were wet, and he was not dressed as warmly as he should. However, he goes and smiles at what he sees. He is happy because all the laws of nature, the change of seasons - it is unshakable and constant. And after the cold, warmth will surely come. He appreciates every moment of this life. His wisdom allows him to find something especially beautiful in any weather, not grumble in the cold and rain, but enjoy the unusual moment, its peculiarity, because he is one so amazing and unique, and this moment will never happen again.

The shadow of an old monk right in front of him means that the sun shines behind him. He is just like everyone else, an ordinary man of flesh and blood. But at the same time, he is completely different, spiritually dissenting. Years of worship of the Lord, his cross of repentance and obedience gave him the wisdom and tolerance with which he had a special, only known and understandable way for him. The path to happiness.

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