Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov Last Judgment

Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov Last Judgment

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The artist Viktor Vasnetsov created many frescoes of religious subjects. To decorate the St. George Cathedral, Vasnetsov in 1896-1904 painted the fresco "The Last Judgment", the first variation of which was painted by him in 1885-1896 for the St. Vladimir Cathedral in Kiev. We will talk more about the first and original versions of the author, although the plot of all three options is unchanged.

The colorful scenes of the baptism of Rus on the walls of the temple were balanced by the gloomy composition of The Last Judgment. Dark tones with many shades of red, which makes the viewer treat the picture as a serious work and adds tragedy to the image. Denying the existing canons, Vasnetsov painted murals in the ancient and somewhat theatrical style.

The plot of the picture is based on the Biblical concept of Judgment Day, when people are divided into the righteous and sinners. The former are awarded, and the latter, respectively, punished for their deeds. In the center is an angel with scales around which the composition is being built: below, on the earth, is a judgment, on which to the left of the viewer are the righteous, prayer to heaven, and to the right are sinners burning in hellish fire.

In heaven is the Lord holding the gospel and the cross, and next to him we see John the Theologian and the Mother of God, as well as angels and apostles. The face of God is illuminated with anger at sinners who, according to the plot of the picture, have to burn in fiery Hell, where the Serpent curls. “Everyone is equal before God,” Vasnetsov wants to say, showing the same conditions for the trial of Kings and poor peasants. Doomsday messengers - trumpeting angels, unite the celestial sphere with the earth, hovering in the air between them.

The author of the picture plays on contrasts and builds his elements in such a way that the work begins to cause feelings of mysticism. And thanks to the expertly constructed composition and magnificent drawing of the illustration of The Last Judgment, Vasnetsov received many rave reviews.

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