Description of the painting by Viktor Borisov-Musatov "Pond"

Description of the painting by Viktor Borisov-Musatov

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The canvas "Pond" was written by Victor Borisov-Musatov in 1902-1903.

The author took up the painting in the park of the estate of Princess Prozorova-Golitsyna in the Zubrilovka estate. Borisov-Musatov depicted his sister and Elena Vladimirovna Alexandrova. The painting was painted shortly after Elena agreed to become the bride of the artist. In the figure, all the details demonstrate femininity praised by its author.

To many viewers, especially those who saw the picture in the original, it seemed not quite real, it saw something fabulous and timeless. Apparently, although the painting was written entirely from nature, this special atmosphere is explained by the spiritual state of the artist during his work. The image conveys his vision of the world: poetic and sublime.

The composition does not have a horizon line, which allows you to merge the foreground and background together. The figures in the picture complement each other: a pond that goes beyond the canvas has an oval shape, like a neatly laid skirt of one of the heroines. Unlike everything around, calm and sophisticated, it is all in winding folds that add dynamics to the picture, such as a small ripple makes the quieter seascape more vibrant. In general, the absence of a natural landscape as such is compensated by trees, small bushes and greenish grass reflected in the water surface.

The heroines are next to the pond, in the foreground of the picture. And despite the fact that the pond is depicted very close by, it may seem like a serene sky that literally hangs over the young ladies. And now this is a completely different landscape in which the ladies are standing on a small hill, behind which there can be anything. But most likely - a forest, some trees from which rushed into the sky itself. Thus, the symbolist artist was able to create a landscape that appears in completely different versions, depending on the imagination of the viewer.

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