Description of the painting by Salvador Dali "Unicorn"

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali

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The 1976 oil painting by Salvador Dali, The Unicorn, is referred to as unfinished in all sources, while Dali's 1977 work The Merry Unicorn, which is identical to this painting, exists.

The unicorn, symbolizing chastity, virginity, spiritual purity, as well as knowledge and spiritual quest, literally soars in the clouds in this surreal picture. Three shoots of trees sprouted on his back, and his horn is decorated with a flower. The body of the animal as if itself is formed from clouds of various shapes.

You can easily notice that the lower part of the picture is much lighter than the upper, which is expressed not only in the gradient of the sky and the difference in clouds, but also in the colors of the unicorn. A head with iridescent mane in different colors, a chest and a tail contrast markedly with legs and hooves.

The color scheme of the sky, clouds, mane and tail as a whole arouses alarm in some, joy in others; someone will find something peaceful in the picture. Indeed, the emotions when considering the picture are ambiguous. But whatever they are, a person instantly plunges into a picture that is amazing and fascinating.

At the same time, it is obvious that the unicorn, contrary to the name, is not in a cheerful mood, but rather thoughtful and calm. Perhaps the epithet is cheerful (happy - can also mean happy) was chosen by the author of the canvas due to a comparison with the original Unicorn or due to various elements of the picture and its color scheme.

Trying to guess the true message and meaning of the painting by Salvador Dali, it is difficult to come to a certain conclusion, since there can be a lot of options for interpreting the same symbols. It remains only to note that the picture, like all the rest of the artist’s work, can be ranked among the outstanding works that produce the proper effect on the beholder.

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