Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “Portrait of Ida Rubinstein”

Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “Portrait of Ida Rubinstein”

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Created back in 1910, the painting by the famous Russian artist Valentin Serov, “Portrait of Ida Rubinstein,” recalls the nature of its performance precisely the work of old Italian artists of past centuries. And all because the features of the famous dancer, who was depicted in the picture, are very unnatural, because they are depicted very straight, which is a direct violation of all the famous canons of the genre of academic painting, which most European artists of the last century strictly adhered to. The perspective itself in the picture is also broken, and therefore the viewer may get the impression that the dancer herself as if merges with the wall, as if to become even part of it. Moreover, it should also be noted that the artist himself even deliberately enhances this effect in his picture, because he chose the same color for both the background and the body of the dancer.

In the pose of Ida Rubinstein, one can clearly identify references to the works of Renaissance masters, to which Serov often addressed in his work. So, the turn of the dancer’s head and her very difficult pose in terms of artistic performance clearly indicate this. The overall impression is complemented by the hairstyle of Ida, which reminds the viewer nothing more than a halo.

It must be said that the viewer should have a general impression of this picture only after a detailed study of all its components and, above all, the particularities of the figure of the dancer herself, which is, as it were, the personification of beauty. Naked Ida Rubinstein is lying naked on a purple-blue bed, as if inviting the viewer to appreciate the deep essence of her beauty and grace.

The painting was painted by Serov with an orientation on the basic principles of modern aesthetics, which were popular in those days.

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