Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Forest in the evening”

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Forest in the evening”

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The great Russian artist Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin painted a large number of unique paintings, among which is the painting "Forest in the Evening", written in 1869. The work is one of the best in the work of the artist and rightfully enjoys great attention from the public.

In this picture, Shishkin showed the beauty of nature and forests in all their glory. The plot is simple but incredibly interesting. You can spend hours admiring the picture and find ever new and interesting explanations for everything that happens there. The work is painted in oil on canvas. To paint a picture, the artist used warm shades that made the landscape warm, kind and simple. Everything is perfect here: a little girl standing on a winding forest path, lush green grass growing at the edge of the forest, huge trees that have stood for centuries and, of course, sunset.

In the distance you can see the blue horizon, which shows where the forest ends. In the foreground is a huge tree that has a rich history dating back more than a dozen centuries.

Despite the late time, nature breathes and lives its own life. The girl stands in a sarafan and a thin shirt, this gives a feeling of warmth and unity with nature. She is not afraid of anything, neither forest sounds, nor the twittering of birds, nor night rustlings.

Before us is the complete harmony of man and nature. The Russian soul feels calm and serene, I want to go there to this quiet and comfortable world, where there are no problems and fuss. A wonderful game of colors conveys to us the beauty of nature in its original form, where there is no falsehood and evil. Looking at the picture I want to forget and breathe deeply with clean and fresh forest air, as well as indulge in dreams and memories.

The artist makes the viewer think and experience new, warm and good feelings. He painted a picture with love and kindness to nature, in the hope that it will be transmitted to us by people.

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