Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “At the edge of a pine forest”

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “At the edge of a pine forest”

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Ivan Shishkin, the famous master of landscapes, his paintings of Russian forests and groves have long gained wide popularity not only in Russia, but also far beyond its borders. This artist is a recognized specialist in the depiction of forest flora.

In 1882, the author completed his work “On the Edge of a Pine Forest”. The famous landscape is presented in the traditionalism style for Shishkin. The picture is painted on canvas with oil paints.

The canvas depicts a tall forest inhabited by huge trees. Against the backdrop of a mighty forest, you can see a small female figure emerging from behind pine trunks.

Almost the whole picture is painted with different shades of green, and only a small figure of a man is dressed in white clothes. A small white dot on the background of the green forest emphasizes how small the person is in comparison with the eternity and constancy of nature.

The same idea is confirmed by the size of a miniature human figure against the backdrop of huge pines, the trunk of which exceeds even the volume of the human body.

Symbolism also lies in the plot of the work. A girl leaves the thicket in the world of people. The young lady personifies the entire human race, reminding us that we are all children of nature.

Centennial pines remind us of the centuries-old wisdom of nature, and the fragile young girl symbolizes the transience of human life. How many such people passed by these pines and how many more will pass will pass for many years, and these pine crowns will also be buried in the golden rays of the sun at sunset.

The calm, tranquility, wisdom of the centuries that these powerful trees have absorbed and the pristine pristine nature has not lost for millennia.

Ivan Ivanovich painted the picture "At the Edge of a Pine Forest" already in adulthood. That is why the work is literally saturated with deep symbolism and is a message to all of humanity.

Today, the painting "On the Edge of a Pine Forest" is exhibited in the Lviv Art Gallery.

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