Description of the painting by Nikolai Krymov "Morning"

Description of the painting by Nikolai Krymov

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The Saratov State Art Museum of Radishchev exhibits in its halls a masterpiece of Russian fine art - the work of Morning by Nikolai Petrovich Krymov. This Soviet artist always preferred landscapes, which, in his understanding, should reflect the fullness, breadth and inexpressible beauty of Russian nature. We see wide, sprawling trees in a green meadow overgrown with forest grass.

Everywhere there is an endless mass of vegetation of various shades. The artist masterfully alternates light and dark halftones, conveying the realism and volume of the landscape he saw. The lighting built by the author is very pleasant for the eye, it easily touches trees and bushes, making it possible to appreciate the rich range of emerald overflows. For a minute, the greens turn into a treasury with precious stones. There is a whole sea of ​​green in all its forms.

From the front bushes to the distant darkish crowns - all immersed in lush greenery. This is the heyday of the forest, the beginning of summer, when life flourishes and gives a rich harvest, in order to ensure life for the next year. The saturated lower part of the canvas contrasts strongly with a clear, white sky, which indicates very hot weather. All the leaves are covered with scorching heat, and nature freezes in anticipation of the evening coolness.

Krymov in all his works expresses material beauty. His adoration is tied to a certain place, which sinks into the creative soul so much that it is impossible not to transfer it to the canvas. Decades and even centuries will pass, the world will change, this innermost corner of nature will also change.

Forests will disappear, roads, houses and residential areas will be broken in their place. Beauty will disappear, but only physically, it will remain with us on this canvas. For many years, the artist’s canvas, filled with hot sun and juicy leaves, will bring warmth and love of nature to our souls.

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