Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Evening. Golden Reach "

Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Evening. Golden Reach

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In the picture of Levitan “Evening. The landscape is lit by golden sunbeams. Before the gaze of the viewer appears a small coastal town.

The canvas depicts a summer sunset. The sun is just beginning to set, because its light so brightly illuminates the expanse of the river.

In the foreground is the slope of the shore. It is covered with sunburned grass. Closer to the Volga begins years. A little further away is the path that leads to the buildings. Among them - a small house of white stone with a red tiled roof, a church and a bell tower of white stone. They give the landscape a special charm and tranquility. Even further amid the haze of impending evening, several more are visible home. Most of the buildings of the town are hidden by trees and a frequent shrub.

The sun's rays cover the entire expanse of water, and it seems as if not water there at all, but liquid gold. The river seems endless - the artist reflected all its natural strength and power. The magnificent expanse of the whole landscape is admirable.

In the background is a riverbank. The haze of sunset had already fallen slightly on him, all of his views and outlines merged together in a bluish-purple color. The whole shore was wilted in the shadow of the impending night, which was about to spread to a small town on the other side.

The canvas creates a feeling of silence and peace for the contemplative. A quiet flow of water, a calm sunset - all this creates only the most pleasant experience, evokes memories from childhood. The artist amazingly realistic depicted all the colors of summer sunset, all the diversity of the beauty of summer nature.

Contemplation of the painting “Evening. Golden Reach ”introduces the viewer into deep thoughts, evokes vivid memories, instills harmony and peace into the soul, gives hope.

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