Description of the painting Fedor Vasilyev "Village"

Description of the painting Fedor Vasilyev

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It is worth saying, starting the story about Fyodor Vasilyev’s painting “The Village”, that the work itself was written by the artist under the direct impression of trips to the Tambov province of the Russian Empire, as well as to provincial towns and villages of Ukraine.

That is why, in the canvas itself, precisely the problems of social topics of this century are clearly indicated. And in this regard, it was precisely on the problem of populism and on its main burdens that the artist who traveled along the abovementioned territories during the summer period of 1869 laid emphasis, after which, in the same year, this picture was created.

The theme of populism and deep narration was not that far for the artist himself, because his work was directly influenced by the famous Düsseldorf school of painting, which was attended by many artists of the second half of the 19th century. But it’s also worth mentioning that the artist’s mastery of paintings was directly related to his sincere love for the world around him, for nature and people, for his native country. He first traveled to Central Russia in 1869 and clearly conveyed all his experiences in the film “The Village”, sincerely stating that he, like his people, experiences all the hardships and hardships, but they were covered by the artist love of art, which he embodied in his works.

Vasiliev spent the summer, as well as the fall of 1869, in a village called Znamenskoye, which was located in the Tambov province. It was there that Count Stroganov, who was famous for his significant land plots in this province, invited him to visit him. In addition, in the same year he visited the Sumy province in Ukraine. The impressions that he received from these trips were soon transferred by the artist to the canvas, where he depicted typical village everyday life, including hard peasant work.

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