Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Pines illuminated by the sun”

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Pines illuminated by the sun”

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Ivan Shishkin, the great Russian artist, painted one of the famous paintings “Pine Trees Illuminated by the Sun” in 1886. This is a master in writing nature and pine forests, all the subtleties of nature to the smallest details are depicted on his canvases. He wrote a large number of famous and amazing paintings that conquer the hearts of many admirers of art, painting and talent Shishkin.

The painting “Pine Trees Illuminated by the Sun” is a very bright and colorful work, it captivates with virginity of this wonderful land. Soulness, amazing natural combinations of colors and shades allow you to feel this state. It seems that we are there, in this wonderful area, from which we do not want to leave. Such a plot can be developed only when you are completely imbued with nature and dissolved in it.

The main character is the sun, which is reflected in all the characters of the plot, it creates the mood and image of everything that is displayed there. The bright sun caresses tree trunks.

Pines are shown powerful, strong and strong, the tops of which are cut by the artist intentionally to show their strength in full. Each pine shows itself as a person, with its own character and characteristics. It seemed to be trees, but you look and understand - power. All the details of the picture are thought out to the smallest detail, and fully correspond to reality, whether it be a pine trunk or a blade of grass under the bright rays of the sun. The forest lives its amazing life, which shows us Ivan Shishkin.

Staring at the picture, you feel not only the transmitted mood, but also feel the elusive notes of the pine forest. Isn't it brilliant and unusual.

The painting is considered the most poetic work of the master, for her mood, soul and complete penetration into the image. The work is painted in oil on canvas and is in the Tretyakov Gallery.

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