Description of the painting by Pierre Auguste Renoir "Umbrellas"

Description of the painting by Pierre Auguste Renoir

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The talented French artist Auguste Renoir worked for several years on the famous painting “Umbrellas”. Work was begun at the end of 1881 and completed only in 1886.

Rain. Paris. Umbrellas. On the one hand, this is vanity, crush, the accumulation of umbrellas, and on the other hand, the charm and charm of the plot. The picture looks in one breath, there is no complicated and intricate plot that would make you think and think in the spirit of that time. Everything is simple and easy.

Four heroes are depicted on the canvas, each of which carries its own story to the world. The young mother turned to call the children to her. She is dressed fashionably and stylishly in the spirit of 1881.

The young woman on the left looks tired, she returns home after a hard working day, she is dressed in the spirit of 1886. Such a time difference is reflected in the long work on this work.

In the center is a snub-nosed girl who looks inquiringly at the sky to see if the rain has ended.

The little girl is charming, her characteristic childlike naivety and innocence. The painting accurately depicts the fashion of those times, with different classes.

Renoir studied the styles of dresses for a long time in order to convey their style and fashion as accurately as possible. The artist used different styles for writing heroes. The two girls who stand on the right are written in soft, smooth movements of the brush, in the spirit of impressionism, but the heroes on the left are written in a more solid and decisive handwriting. Despite these differences, the picture looks harmonious and natural, fully consistent with the era of that time. The plot has a special charm, which is peculiar to the master, it sets it apart from other equally famous artists.

The painting is in the National Museum in London, anyone can enjoy meeting her.

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