Description of Zinaida Serebryakova’s painting “At Lunch” (At Breakfast)

Description of Zinaida Serebryakova’s painting “At Lunch” (At Breakfast)

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The painting "At Lunch" (another name - "At Breakfast") is one of the most famous in the work of Russian artist Zinaida Serebryakova. It is known that it depicts the artist’s own children. Mother captured them sitting at a table awaiting a meal.

Looking at the picture, we can assume that the children are waiting for dinner, but in fact it was breakfast. Hence there is some confusion with the name of the picture. But everything is explained simply: the artist’s family lived then (in 1914) according to the European regime of the day. Early in the morning they had a small breakfast, and then, at noon, followed by a large breakfast, which in our opinion is already considered to be lunch.

The portrait is painted in such a way that the viewer does not have the feeling that the guys are posing. On the contrary, it seems that they are quite active. This is especially evident from Shurik, who turned to look at his mother. He seemed to be waiting for her to join the meal, too. He himself had already begun to eat soup. His brother Zhenya, a former calmer child, while only drinking water. But we see the hands of the grandmother, pouring soup and him. Their little sister, putting her chubby pen directly on a plate, looks at the artist’s mother with an inquiring look. Each of the three children has its own special facial expression and posture. The guys are dressed in modest but elegant clothes.

You should pay attention to how the table is served. This was done in the noble traditions of the time: a snow-white tablecloth, specially folded napkins, an elegant decanter, and a china service. Among the latter, the painted porcelain tureen is especially noteworthy, which creates for the modern person a deceptive impression that the picture depicts lunch. This table setting reminds us of the old days, when people's lives were more calm and measured. However, there are other, simpler objects on the table: glasses, sugar bowl, jug of milk. And when you look at the delicious ruddy buns, we seem to feel the aroma emanating from them.

Serebryakova’s painting turned out to be surprisingly touching, poetic and spiritualized. It’s impossible not to be touched by looking at these living, sincere faces of children. In their eyes we seem to see a reflection of their pure innocent souls. In a similar manner, the artist created many of her works, it was her special style and style.

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