Description of the painting by Isaac Brodsky "Fallen Leaves"

Description of the painting by Isaac Brodsky

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Brodsky Isaac Izrailevich - an artist who lived and worked in Soviet times. He painted many paintings, but Brodsky's autumn landscapes are most famous. He, like no other, was able to convey the discreet beauty, the modest charm and sophistication of this time of year.

Fallen Leaves is one such painting. It depicts a clear, sunny day, which happens only at the beginning of autumn. Nature still echoes the summer, the last green leaves are visible on the trees as a farewell hello to the hot summer. But autumn has already taken over. A riot of autumnal shades is noticeable everywhere: crimson, golden, brown-yellow.

The same shades are synchronously repeated in the color scheme of the walls of the house, in the red tones of the furniture and the railing of the porch. These colors add brightness and expressiveness to the autumn landscape. In the interweaving of branches you can see a pale gray sky, which soon lead clouds are covered. But while it is clean, light and serene.

In the foreground of the picture is the interior of one of the rooms of the country house. Most likely, this is a veranda. The viewer looks at what is happening as if from the depths of the house. The door to the street is wide open. It seems that people came out just for a moment and are about to return back to their business, to everyday summer life and summer fun.

But no, the withering of nature is inevitable, it cannot be stopped. So the plank floor is already dotted with fallen leaves, brought into the house by a sharp gust of autumn wind. It is clear that this house will not be filled with voices until the summer season. These chairs will be waiting for their owners.

Brodsky's picture, despite the autumn story, does not leave behind the impression of withering and the death of nature. Rather, the “Fallen Leaves” are permeated with sunlight and autumn coolness and freshness, covered with a slight frost.

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