Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky “The Wave”

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky “The Wave”

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Aivazovsky began a completely new semantic series of his works, which included the work "Wave". This picture does not differ significantly in its ultimate design, but rather has a difference in the new color scheme. But still, to put it bluntly, this colorful gamut has a rather meager spectrum in color, if not to say more, almost monochrome.

The storyline, however, just like the composition line, is quite simple and does not have intricate interweaving. In this case, you and I can observe, during a winter and quite windy day, the storm becomes stronger because of which a wave rises, which the artist marine painter Ivan Aivazovsky depicted in his picture. They either break on the sandy shore, or rage in the raging sea of ​​surf.

The seething water masses do not stop for a minute, and with each new wave they become more fierce, trying in vain to struggle with nature.

One wave replaces the second, and we see in the picture how a rather massive wave rises, which is essentially the very center of the composition, and the rest, rather smaller waves, only feed the main forces.

Aivazovsky begins to use a rather interesting trick to maximize the impression of a rising wave, thereby taking the horizon line much lower than usual and we find ourselves at the very base of the wave, which gives us an idea of ​​all its monumental destructive force. At this moment, a heavy, black, lead sky hangs over the whole sea, which only enhances the effect of the presentation of this picture.

Thanks to the achievement of both expressive color gamut and at the same time extraordinary simplicity, it gives us a true idea of ​​the power of the surging waves of the sea.

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