Description of the painting by Frida Kahlo "Self-portrait"

Description of the painting by Frida Kahlo

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This creative person was born in Mexico in 1907. For all her tragic biography, she was a cheerful and cheerful woman with her mystery and dream of a new future.

It was precisely this that allowed her to paint all her mental torments and pain, tears and loss of the incomprehensible, and much more, which linked her fate when painting. At the same time, Calo’s works show not only the influence of folk Mexican culture and art, but also European painting. The style of naivety and simplicity, one might say, is rudely emphasized somewhere in her paintings.

Most of her works are dedicated to herself, since Frida spent a long time alone. Because of a car accident, she was bedridden and painted pictures while lying down. It was this event that turned her whole future life. But on no self-portrait Frida does not feel joy and does not smile. She is always serious. Fused eyebrows, barely noticeable antennae above the lips, which are constantly tightly pressed. Black, beautiful and long hair is always neatly tidied up behind the head in a bun or loose over the shoulders. Face and neck are open.

The severity and strength of character is felt in her self-portrait. A long and beautiful neck is sometimes framed by a necklace. The shoulders are straightened, the head is raised, the back is even, the impression of a beautiful and proud posture is created. The color scheme of self-portraits makes the viewer think, as it is mostly gray, from darkish tones. This rather emphasizes both severity and not quite, maybe a healthy or painfully sad mood of the heroine.

What can she be sad about? About a failed attempt to become a mother, and maybe life is not so easy. But, despite such a difficult fate, Frida left behind a great legacy, about 200 paintings not including sketches.

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