Description of the painting by Salvador Dali "Plant"

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali

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The painting was created by the author in 1924, when Dali was suspended for his misbehavior from studying at the San Fernando Academy of Arts. It was after this that he will have a personal exhibition of his works in the Barcelona Gallery, which will be visited by Picasso.

The painting “Plant” is rather a still life, where in the foreground a beautiful and green flower in a pot is depicted. Nothing abstracts the viewer from the main subject of the picture, captured by the author. A simple pot, brownish tint, on a fresh and greenish background. Somewhere near the window, as it is clearly visible that the sun's beam hits directly on a flower standing on the floor.

The flower itself is also green, but it does not merge with the rest of the background, but as if stands out from it. It can be seen that he is well-groomed with well-spread leaves. This causes the viewer an involuntary sensation of warmth and joy, touching purity and enjoyment of the charm of the flower. Is it possible to connect this canvas with the creative period of the author? Of course, maybe he was trying, in comparison with a single flower, to emphasize what happened to him. Therefore, it will not be a special sin to conclude that the author has the cheerful loneliness of the author, who was put in the period of some expectation of something new.

The plant is still very green and young with beautifully spread leaves, reaching up to the knowledge of the creature and the joys of life. But it stands against the wall, like a schoolboy who has lousy for his mischief and there is no freedom for him to leave this pot, as soon as up and to the sides. The picture rather emphasizes life, there is no sadness in it, the presence of a green tint and at the same time clear and even lines in the form of a floor and a wall speaks of the correctness and confidence in the author’s behavior. An interesting and wonderful picture in comparison with the author’s life span.

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