Description of the painting by Jan Vermeer “Girl with a Pearl Earring”

Description of the painting by Jan Vermeer “Girl with a Pearl Earring”

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Johann Rainers Vermeer is one of the most mysterious Dutch painters. Not much is known about him, as well as about his customers and even about his number of paintings.

The painting is stored in the Mauritshuis gallery in the Dutch city of The Hague and is one of the most valuable works presented in it. This is one of the most notable works of the Dutch artist Jan Vermeer, it is called the northern or Dutch Mona Lisa.

Not much is known about the painting: it does not have a date; there is also no name for the depicted girl. It is also noteworthy that in 2003, based on the Tracy Chevalier novel of the same name, a film was shot under the name “Girl with a Pearl Earring”, in which a hypothetical story of the creation of the canvas was reproduced, while some facts from the artist’s biography and family life were borrowed.

The largest master of Dutch household painting and genre portrait Jan Vermeer, like Rembrandt and Frans Hals, is one of the greatest artists of the golden age of Holland art.

This painting is written in the Tronie genre (from the Dutch “head”, “face”). This genre is a type of portrait; it was quite popular in 17th century Holland. Models were almost always depicted anonymously, with an unusual expression on their face or in an unusual robe. And the model depicted in Vermeer's painting remains a mystery to us.

Many years have passed since that time when the painting was painted, experts conducted a lot of research, but could not find the answer to many questions: who is the mysterious model depicted in the painting, why is she wearing a turban and dress that was not typical for fashion of that time, what does the pearl in the form of a tear talk about, and what does the girl look at, what feelings does she feel?

Everyone can find the answers to these questions for himself by looking at the picture of the great master.

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